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PorchLight partners with rural communities to prepare for the 21st-Century workforce. We believe in the dream of working big in a community with a population under 5,000 people. Our PorchLight Certification positions your rural community to attract remote workers and provides a seal of approval that your community is remote-work ready.


Meet PorchLight

Our talented team is on a mission for rural America!

What PorchLight Certification Means

A PorchLight Certified community is prepared and excited to welcome families who want to work big and live small. Moving to a PorchLight community, you will be greeted by a welcome committee excited to help you settle into a community where you can be confident you will have access to high-speed internet and your family will have opportunities to thrive. Every rural community is unique. To learn what makes a specific PorchLight Certified community special, visit their profile on our website.

Why Your Community Should Be PorchLight Certified

PorchLight Certification positions communities with a population under 5,000 to attract and retain 21st-century workers. Certification demonstrates that a community has the basic services, amenities, physical components, and community support for new-arriving workers and families to thrive. In addition, PorchLight Certified communities get access to the PorchLight resource network, free posts to the PorchLight job board, digital spotlights, and discounted talent recruitment services from PorchLight.

How Your Community Can Become PorchLight Certified

Contact us to get the process started. We’ll send you copies of the PorchLight Guidebook, a workbook with the tools to guide your community to certification. You’ll build a team of community advocates, create and implement a community action plan, and submit your completed plan for certification. PorchLight will be there for you every step of the way. 

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