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South Dakota’s Commute Patterns, Mapped

By Berk Ehrmantraut, Director of Policy and Communities Over 40% of South Dakotans work ten miles or more from home, according to the US Census Bureau. Here at PorchLight, we wanted to understand how far into rural areas the direct economic impact of jobs in major...

Partnership with Rural Online Initiative

Partnership with Rural Online Initiative

PorchLight is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Rural Online Initiative (ROI) through Utah State Extension. This program's focus is to invest in the rural workforce. Through two separate certification courses, Remote Work Professional and Remote Work Leader,...

Meet the Partners at PorchLight

Meet the Partners at PorchLight

A big thank you to 4Front Studios for capturing the passion behind PorchLight. Wonder exactly what we do and who we want to connect? Watch this 3 minute video to hear from Cofounder and CEO Jessica Meyers.Who knows small town life better than people that have lived in...

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

HOME. Four letters that together mean so much. It’s where we live, plant our roots, the place we raise our children, and dream of the future. It’s a place where we find belonging, security, and growth. It’s also the community in which we work and invest. However, many...

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