Four letters that together mean so much. It’s where we live, plant our roots, the place we raise our children, and dream of the future. It’s a place where we find belonging, security, and growth. It’s also the community in which we work and invest. However, many of those in our rural towns are leaving in lieu of larger cities where growth is visible on every magazine cover and the allure of opportunity is apparent in every internet search. Our businesses close and our town fades as the population dwindles.

But what if we didn’t have to give up our graduates to more urban areas? What if we could highlight the value in our own backyard and attract talent to find “home” in our small community?

At PorchLight, we have the passion, experience, and platform to bring the landscape of opportunity back to the Midwest.

The mission is clear, PorchLight is a Midwest talent recruitment firm that partners with rural communities to prepare for and attract the 21st Century workforce. We are dedicated to providing a platform to communities who are ready to reclaim talent that have moved away for other opportunities and welcome those that are new and choose to call rural home.  We are looking to work with communities that are ready to increase their visibility to prospective talent, and who want to highlight the unique and valuable features of their community.

Our founders are South Dakota raised women with roots running deep on the prairies of rural ranches and generational farms. Like many, they were drawn to the opportunities and experiences they saw in larger cities and set out for the features offered by New York City, Texas, and Chicago. And when their hearts led them back to South Dakota, they brought with them a shared vision to rejuvenate rural communities by bringing the talent back to the Midwest.

The PorchLight certification process is led, organized, and completed by you, a diverse cross-selection of people in your community because no one knows what needs to get done better than those who live there. A certified community gains access to our platform which includes everything from job boards to resources that will help showcase your town and help you prepare for new residents and new opportunity.

Imagine what it would look like to see an enthusiastic return to Main Street shops, to see families gathered for Sunday dinner, and a renewed vibrancy that comes with the opportunities on rural soil.

As you begin to envision what is possible for your community, know that PorchLight will be the source that guides them home.